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Physical examination

Annual physical examination of your dog is essentially needed to ensure and maintain good health of your pet. Annual physical examination greatly helps in early detection of diseases. If any disease is beginning to onset, it can be cured at an early stage. Sometimes many diseases can be prevented due to an examination.

Many dog owners do not clearly understand the importance of an annual physical examination. They say that their dog looks healthy so why they need to have a visit to the vet. But they tend to forget that some illnesses do not show any signs before they become severe, like a heart murmur or high blood pressure. Your dog might be sick with you totally unaware of it because dogs do not show their sickness at an early stage; they show it when things get out of hand. So a delay in getting a physical exam for your dog might cause harm to it.

As a veterinarian is trained and experienced in pet's health issues, so he will be able to detect any signs of illness in your dog at an early stage. The vet will check the dog's chest area for any possibility of heart or respiratory problems. He will also check the eyes for any ocular problems including cataract. Moreover, he will examine the ears and clean them if needed. Furthermore, he will check for any signs of dental problems as well as skin problems. The vet will also be analyzing the dog's weight to determine whether it is becoming obese or losing weight.

An annual physical examination is very important as it helps in early detection of an illness as well as provides you the opportunity to discuss various issues regarding your dog's health.


Canine vaccines and vaccination play an important role in disease prevention and can save lives in young puppies. The purpose of canine vaccination is to stimulate a dog's body to produce antibodies (germ-fighting proteins made by specialized white blood cells) and "memory" cells, so that if the dog ever encounters the disease again, his system will be primed and ready to defend against it.

Parasitic prevention

Dog parasites are the cause of many diseases in puppies and dogs. To keep your pet healthy, learn how to recognize the symptoms as well as how to prevent and treat from parasite infestations.

Did you know that the same parasites can be harmful not only to your dog's health but to you as well?

Humans, especially children, can be easily infected with roundworms, which can cause damage to internal organs and nervous system. That's why it's important that your children wash their hands after playing with any puppy or dog. Dog parasites can be separated into internal and external.

External parasites live on your dog's skin and hair. The most common puppy parasites are Fleas, Ticks and Mites.

Internal parasites live inside your dog's body. Just like external parasites, if left untreated, they can cause great damage, and even death, to your pet's health.The most common internal dog parasites are Roundworms, Tapeworms, Hookworms, Whipworms and Heartworms.

Medications, proper sanitation, and grooming are all very important for keeping your pet healthy and parasite-free.

Puppy and kitten care plan

Bringing home a new puppy or kitten is such a joy! Give your new pet a great start by making an appointment with us within the first few days. Together, we will develop a healthy plan for your new youngster, providing the best possible care at every stage of your new pet’s life.

High quality puppy or kitten food is necessary for the healthy growth and development of your new pet. Always offer fresh water and never give your young pet table food. Baby animals have sensitive digestive systems that need to be protected. Avoiding table food from the start helps prevent obesity and finicky eaters. Consult your veterinarian regarding high quality pet foods and treats and an appropriate diet plan for your new pet.

Diagnostic services

When a pet is ill it is often challenging for a veterinarian to determine the underlying cause. Therefore, veterinarians rely heavily on diagnostic testing to properly identify problems and treat patients. Diagnostic screening is also used to evaluate the overall health of senior patients or patients about to undergo anesthesia.

Surgical services

We want your pet’s surgery to be as safe as possible for your pet and as stress free as possible for the both of you! Most of us know of a loved one or have personally had to have an elective or non-elective surgical procedure. We’re sure most of you can remember the anxiety felt before the procedure. At least as humans, we have the ability tell our physicians and nurses how we are feeling and are aware of what’s going on. We also have the choice and ability to research the level of medical care we receive. Unfortunately, our four-legged family members cannot make that decision and must rely on their caregivers, veterinarians and nurses, to do the right thing. As with our personal health care, there is a wide disparity in pet health care. We will walk you through our surgical protocol to help answer some of the most important questions you may have.

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